Sitemap - 2020 - FWD

Death, taxes, and the one thing Benjamin Franklin forgot.

Why it's so hard to be happy right now.

The lift we need.

Creating dots and connecting thoughts.

Humility's shadow.

It's not a nail.

Skills are the future.

The only evening routine you need.

It's called a practice for a reason.

A blank page.

A dog with two owners never gets fed.

You should write.

The two halves of our lives.

The importance of our own paths.

It's what you take away that matters.

Forget the macro.

The question that matters most.

Button up.

Changing your scoreboard.

One thing in common.

Act first.

Remove the noise

It's good to not have a choice.

Motivation: we're doing it wrong.

Reframe it.

The author, editor, and publisher.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Getting small.

Pay attention.

Over-index on yourself.

The fingerprint of success.

Our equation is backward.

Happy amidst the chaos.

The Brady Bunch.

Writing is like Jenga.

It's all incomplete.

Habits, aging, and entropy.

The thing about advice.

The best lever for our contentedness.

Please don't hustle.

The impact quotient.

Don't tell me lies.

You won't be remembered.

Everyone is a genius.

So good they can't ignore you.

Seeking clarity.

Filling the glass.

On being okay.

Our eyes are closed.

The key to mental peace.

Simplify your mindset.

Simplify your habits.

Why 100% is easier than 95%.

Burn the boats.

Equal and opposite.


Keep what works.

Use the discomfort.

Releasing expectations.

Hiding in the nooks and crannies.

Change the mind.

They come from the same place.

First things first.

You are born of miracles.